Rules and Regulations

Staff Quarters are OUT OF BOUNDS to all students except on emergency case and/or with the permission of the Principal. Any student found at the quarters will be severely punished. Guardian/student interactions must be done in school
The staff common room and administrative rooms are OUT OF BOUNDS to all students except on emergency case or when invited and/or with the permission of the Principal. Any student found at these “red areas” will be severely punished. No student remove anything from such offices without due permission
Lateness to meal is not allowed.
Misbehaviors in the dinning hall such as noise making, rudeness, taking double rations, stealing, etc, will attract punishment
Dinning Manners:
1. Every student is expected to report promptly to the refectory whenever the bell for meal is rang.
2. A high degree of decorum is expected from all during meals.
3. All meals must be taken in the hall expect for sick students whose meals may be taken for them to the Sick Bay.
4. Any student found depriving another student of his/her food is deemed to have committed a grievous and punishable offences.
5. Students should ensure that they have their individual, correct and complete cuttleries and dining utensils, which must not be shared with any other student during meals.
6. The kitchen staff and all other members must be respected by all students. Under no circumstance should a student engage a staff in confrontation

“At the library, information (education) is free just come with your basket” All library rules must be obeyed.
1. Stealing, defacing and /or mutilating of library materials is a capital offence
2. Punishment for offenders may include replacement/payment for the book(s), blacklisting, suspension or dismissal from the College depending on the gravity of the offence.
3. Absolute silence must he maintained in and around the library premises Personal text books should be kept away from the library
4. All kinds of food including biscuits, soft drinks, water, etc. are prohibited from the library.

Exeat permit for duration not exceeding two hours and/or destinations not beyond Uromi, may be granted by the student’s House Master/Mistress.
Exeat permit for duration in excess of two hours and for destinations outside Uromi may only be issued by the SBHM, or the VP’s on behalf of Principal.

GSM PHONES: 1. Students are NOT allowed to come to school with GSM Handsets

2. Students will be given the opportunity to contact their parents/guardians
whenever the need arise. Any student found with GSM Handset will be severely punished and the handset destroyed.
3. Use of Social Media by Students is strictly prohibited. Other prohibited items and materials include Pressing Iron, Boiling Ring, Cooking Utensils, Raw Food materials.

No student in the boarding-house must go out of the school at any time without appropriate authorization. No day student may go out of the school during school hours except with permission, Staff Common Room is out-of-bounds to students except when specifically invited.



All students are expected to meet the minimum standards required of a boarding students:
1. All students are expected to wake up at 5:30am for the morning prayers every day Morning chores including the cleaning of the hostels and environs, and personal hygiene must be observed and concluded before 6:45am

2. Students are expected to get to the refectory, (Dinning) for breakfast at 6:45am Mondays and Fridays and at 7:00am Tuesdays to Thursdays.

3. Students must keep their beds, corners and personal effects tidy at all times Light-out which is at 9:30pm must be strictly observed
4. No student is allowed to receive any visitor in the hostel

5. Students are not permitted to keep more than N200 with him/her as pocket money in the hostel. Monies in excess of the N200 should be
deposited with the guardian, housemaster or mistress
6. Hostel inspection is a compulsory exercise.

7. Students should, therefore, be prepared and make themselves ready for the inspection especially on Saturdays.
8. Girls hostels are out of bound to boys and so also the boys hostel to girls.

9. Under no circumstance should a boy or girl be found in the girls or boys hostel.
10. The hostels are locked during the following activities: (Normal and Extra) classes; prep, Friday sanitation exercise, club and society
meetings and sporting activities.

11. No student should, therefore be
found around the hostel during the period of these activities



  1. No student should practice/or be a member of any secret society/cult.
  2. No student should keep any tinned food except in plastic containers.
  3. No student should possess, sell or use drugs such as cigarette, alcohol, marijuana or the like.
  4. Theft of any item belonging to another student, staff or the college is prohibited.
  5. Truancy of any sort is forbidden.
  6. No student is allowed the possession of unauthorized electrical/electronic appliances.
  7. Tampering with electrical cables and/or fittings is prohibited.
  8. Posting of bills, drawings, writing on the wall of any school building (graffiti) are not allowed.
  9. Littering of the school compound with refuse is prohibited.
  10. There should be no immoral relationship between boys and girls, it is unlawful for a student to be pregnant or impregnate another.
  11. Defecation at all prohibited areas is forbidden.
  12. Damage of any school or individual property is prohibited.
  13. It is unlawful for students to throw stones at any person/people or at personal and/or College property.Flogging, bullying, Jacking or lockers, boxes, bags etc. Extortion of money/provisions etc. and inflicting injury on another person, are strongly prohibited.
  14. No student should for any reason light another person.
  15. No student should go out of school without due permission
  16. No student should be involved in examination/continuous assessment tests malpractice. The use of abusive/foul language is prohibited.
  17. Sporting activities are compulsory but restricted to only scheduled periods.

18. No student should receive visitors outside visiting days.

19. All official
assemblies in the college are compulsory. Absenteeism and late coming to the assemblies are strictly prohibited.
20. Possession/wearing of unapproved clothes and shoes (mufti) other than college uniforms and sandals are strictly forbidden.
21. Painting of nails, eye lashes/lids, lips and the use of any jewellery is prohibited. Only approved hair styles are allowed.
22. Vernacular speaking among the students is prohibited on the compound.
23. No student should be in possession of any offensive weapon, use or attempt the use of such weapon.

Violators of the above listed offences will be severely punished including deboarding, definite or indefinite suspension.


The following records will be kept to keep tract of the above:
(a) Dossier of offenders/culprits.
(b) Punishment book-to record punishment of offenders.
(c) Black book to record bad cases of offenders who always get into
trouble. These records will be reflected appropriately in the Testimonial.