Principal’s Welcome…

Hello All:
On behalf of all the staff members, I would like to welcome everyone to the official website for Federal Science and Technical College, Uromi! It is a privilege to serve as a Principal of this noble institution.Our school has an outstanding reputation, and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful program.
Federal Science and Technical College, Uromi is filled with enthusiastic students willing to learn, supportive parents/guardians interested in their children’s education, and a dedicated professional staff committed to providing the students with a quality education. We have a wonderful school community. Our building is full of caring, skilled staff who know how to help students learn and want what is best for them.
Many parents and other community members contribute to our school through donations and volunteering, and our PTA is making great progress in leading this effort. Most importantly, the students who enter our doors are eager to learn and work hard. Like all schools, we have areas where we need to improve, and our goal is to unite with you to help everyone succeed.I genuinely care about children and their families, which motivates me to try my best to provide a quality experience for all. Ensuring a safe, positive learning environment is a top priority for me and all staff. We come to work each day with passion to provide the opportunities that will allow each student optimal growth academically and socially.
Our partnership with the families of our students as well as other community members and organizations is an important part of our success. Students benefit as parents and guardians are involved in their learning. We should have consistent communication between home and school for families to learn about what is happening at school and provide feedback to help us improve. Please be involved.I would like to encourage each parent/guardian to stay active in your child’s education. I certainly realize that many of you leave busy lives, and it is often difficult to volunteer at school. However, taking just a few minutes in the evening to read to your child, talk with your child about school, or simply see that your child is organized for the next school day can have great benefits. Enjoy the 2018/2019 School year and all the excitement it will bring! Please feel free to contact any of us at Federal Science and Technical College, Uromi if you would like more information about our school.


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