We warmly welcome you to our website! Our website remains a veritable
source of information about Federal Science and Technical College, Uromi.
We invite you, therefore, to search for information available on our site. However, we are currently upgrading our site; we, therefore appeal that you be patient with us should what you seek for is not readily available yet.The College continues to produce well-formed critical thinkers and future leaders in learning, in character, in spiritual development and in service to humanity. The College is a home of academic excellence, where intellectual giants are nurtured and raised to become impactful and responsible citizens. It will be a blessing and a privilege to join such a wonderfully vibrant and successful school community, an award-winning institution that is clearly defined in terms of students’ learning and well-being, and a sacred place where future leaders are groomed.

Mr. Ude Kevin I. (Director/Principal

Dearest Students/Parents, good morning!

Please be informed that the PDF document uploaded above for our students e-learning, has only the web links to the resources and not the learning resources themselves.
I therefore advise as follows:

1. Year three students should visit https://waeconline.org.ng/e-learning for their e-learning resources

2. Year one & two students should visit
www.khanacademy.org for their e-learning resources

3. JS1- JS3 students should also visit www.khanacademy.org and navigate to the Grade_7 to Grade_9 sessions of the webpage for their e-learning resources.

Above links should be visited using any of your internet connected devices with full connectivity.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Esele Usugun