The College maintains a Guidance and Counselling Unit managed by qualified and experienced staff.

The Counsellors offer advise to students on how to go about their studies successfully, effective subject combination and possible subject/department change if convinced that this will maximize the educational benefit of the student concerned.

The identified weak and/or emotionally disturbed students are assisted as the need my arise.

Dearest Students/Parents, good morning!

Please be informed that the PDF document uploaded above for our students e-learning, has only the web links to the resources and not the learning resources themselves.
I therefore advise as follows:

1. Year three students should visit for their e-learning resources

2. Year one & two students should visit for their e-learning resources

3. JS1- JS3 students should also visit and navigate to the Grade_7 to Grade_9 sessions of the webpage for their e-learning resources.

Above links should be visited using any of your internet connected devices with full connectivity.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Esele Usugun