The College maintains a Guidance and Counselling Unit managed by qualified and experienced staff.

The Counsellors offer advise to students on how to go about their studies successfully, effective subject combination and possible subject/department change if convinced that this will maximize the educational benefit of the student concerned.

The identified weak and/or emotionally disturbed students are assisted as the need my arise.

Dearest Students/Parents,

Please be informed that the PDF document uploaded above for your school fee payment is shared to enable our students make First Term School Fees Payment using remita platform with the generated RRR-Codes.

1. As attached, some students have multiple RRR-codes to enable them clear the Outstanding Debt(s)<hr>

2. Please ignore the Outstanding Debt(s) if you are sure of not having any outstanding

Thanks and God bless you all!

Esele Usugun (A.I.E)