2022/2023 First Term School Fees & PTA Billing Plan

1 JSS2 RETURNING STUDENTS N55,500 N161.25K N55,661.25
2 JSS3 RETURNING STUDENTS N70,500 N162.25K N70,661.25
3 SS-1 RETURNING STUDENTS N55,500 N161.25K N55,661.25
4 SS-2 RETURNING STUDENTS N55,500 N161.25K N55,661.25
5 SS-3 RETURNING STUDENTS N96,500 N161.25K N96,661,.25
6 ALL NEW STUDENTS N57,500 N161.25K NN57, 661.25K
Request for a bank deposit slip and fill as follows:
1. Fill account name as “Fstc,uromi remita”.

2. Account number should be left blank or you ask the bank teller for it.

3. Fill name of depositor as “name of the student”.

4. Fill the amount both in words and in figures.

5. Fill the correct date for the payment and submit the slip to the bank teller for posting and have your payment slip generated for you.

6. Upon receipt of the payment slip, please proceed to the bursary department of the college for verification and conversion to official college receipt.

Please Note:
1. Since no cash will be accepted on resumption day, make sure you pay any other debt to the school using the same platforms but with the payment item labeled.
2. OUTSTANDING DEBT.Please note that only students who have paid their fees in full and had their payment receipts printed for them will be allowed into the school compound on resumption day

School Fees Payment Platform only!
PTA Payment Platform only!
PTA payment Platform only!

We are happy to inform you that the School Management has opened up easier and more convenient ways to pay tuition fees and other levies charged by the school. You can now make hassle-free payments at our designated banks or process your payments in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else using your laptop, PC or mobile device.