In a bid to ensuring that students result computations are done using computerized system with minimal or zero error, the academic records unit of the College lead by the Principal (MRS.N.U. EKPO) agreed in the year 2011 to create an ICT-based Unit called E-SERVICE UNIT that handles computerized result computations and publish results online for students view. The Unit was also empowered to integrate an electronic payment collection called PAYDIRECT-BANK BRANCH and Quickteller Webpay to enables the college track down foul play in the conventional mode of bank payments and facilitates clearance without unnecessary delay in the process of clearing students on resuming a new term.

On implementing the above ICT based services, a firm called Brain Builders Platform Services co-ordinated by a Part-Time Teacher in the college (Engr. Esele Usugun) who later became a fully employed staff of FSTC, UROMI; was contracted to design and deploy an online result management system, electronic payment collections (Paydirect-Bank Branch & Quickteller) and content based management system for the College.

In appreciation for a job well done, the principal of the college (Mrs. N.U.EKPO) decided to appoint the Mathematics/Computer Programming Teacher (Engr. Esele Usugun) as the head of the E-SERVICE UNIT .

Again! on resuming her duty as Principal of FSTC-UROMI after the successful retirement of Chief (Mrs.) N.U Ekpo , Chief (Mrs.) Betty Abiola Are commended the effort of the ICT Team and promised to always encourage them in her own little way. She directed the integration of the portal to TSA scheme via System Specs (REMITA).
In the same spirit of encouragement, Dr (Mrs) Lami Amodu [Now DBSE] who succeeded Chief (Mrs.) Betty Abiola Are as the Director Principal of the College gave her own commendations to the team.
Finally, the incumbent Principal of the College MR. OMADA DAVID I. has also been very supportive.
The College Portal has now been hooked up with Platform Technology Limited as approved by the Ministry.


E-result Processing arm of the E-Service Unit of the college is attached to the office of the Vice Principal Academics and had its Assistant Supervisor as MR. AKINLA

The Vice Principals supervises all the activities in the unit via the assistant Supervisor.

For effective computation of students’ scores submitted by subject teachers, the Vice Principal appointed MR. AKINLA to ensure that all scores are correctly entered and duly validated by form teachers in a conference setting with the year Heads before publishing for students view.

All result complaints are usually channeled to the Vice Principals as applicable via MR. AKINLA for immediate action.

The head of the unit equally supervises other members usually selected by him on a yearly basis but subjected to the approval of the Vice principal.


The second arm of the unit is attached to the bursary department of the college for all payment issues.

At the end of every term, the bursary department prepares an authorization letter duly signed by the Principal of the college with regards to the students’ bill for the next term and forward to the E-SERVICE UNIT for configurations.

The above letter enables both the E-SERVICE UNIT, System Specs(REMITA) and all Nigeria commercial banks to configure the approved amount on the system for collections.

Money collected true this platform is remitted to the school’s TSA account with the Central bank of Nigeria in an automated manner.

The platform enables us to download the names of students that have made payments on a class by class basis, in addition to other numerous reports integrated with the payment platform.

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