Students in each year are divided into Six class sections labelled A through G. A class teacher is attached to each section and remains with it for at least one academic session. There are three opportunities for class teachers to meet formally with their students on a weekly basis:

  1. Daily, during registration
  2. Weekly, Guidance lessons
  3. Weekly, Personal-Social Education (PSE)

Class teachers are responsible for the pastoral care of all the students in their class and try as much as possible to get a true portrait of each student to enable them to make useful reports to the Principal and their parents. They constantly monitor the behaviour and work of each student and try to see that their classes obey the rules and regimen of the college.

Subject teachers are divided into departments and faculties, each supervised by a head of department and  a head of faculty. The heads of faculties organise regular faculty meetings and also meet with the Principal and the Vice Principal  Academics as a group and on an individual basis. Likewise, the heads of departments.

Dearest Students/Parents, good morning!

Please be informed that the PDF document uploaded above for our students e-learning, has only the web links to the resources and not the learning resources themselves.
I therefore advise as follows:

1. Year three students should visit for their e-learning resources

2. Year one & two students should visit for their e-learning resources

3. JS1- JS3 students should also visit and navigate to the Grade_7 to Grade_9 sessions of the webpage for their e-learning resources.

Above links should be visited using any of your internet connected devices with full connectivity.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Esele Usugun